1955 Buick 1955 Buick
When you cross this threshold, you move into new roominess, new quiet, new luxury.

Standard SUPER FEATURES for 1955 include:

Buick luggage compartments are wide, deep and easy to load. A turn of the key unlocks the lid, which then rises with finger-tip pressure and stays up. No key is required for locking.

1955 Buick Super Trunk

1955 Buick Super Door Buick's swing-out front doors provide wider space for entering and leaving. SUPER interiors are finished in high-quality Nylon and Cordaveen.


  • Buick Safety Power Steering
  • New 4-Barrel Airpower Carburetor
  • Foamtex rubber seat cushions
  • automatic light in trunk
  • electric clock
  • Redliner speedometer
  • trip mileage indicator
  • built-in sun visor and rain covers over all four doors of Sedan
  • rear license plate frame
  • In Convertible:
  • electrically operated windows
  • plus powered horizontal seat adjustment 
  • and outside review mirrors.



Buick's new Wide-Screen Grille design and massive roll-top front bumper combine high fashion with outstanding ruggedness. Note, too, the distinctive beuty of SUPER's visored headlamp and parking light.

1955 Buick