1955 Buick 1955 Buick
You will find the 1955 CENTURY Series offers more horsepower per dollar than any other car in America.

Standard CENTURY FEATURES for 1955 include:

1955 Buick Century

The quality of craftsmanship, as you can see in this Sedan interior, is well above the CENTURY's modest price. This year's CENTURY RIVIERA interiors are custom-upholstered, at no extra cost, in rich Nylon and supple Cordaveen.


  • Redliner speedometer
  • trip mileage indicator
  • New 4-Barrel Airpower Carburetor
  • Custom interiors
  • Foamtex rubber seat cushions
  • automatic light in trunk
  • electric clock
  • rear license plate frame
  • In Convertible:
  • Leather upholstery
  • electrically operated windows
  • horizontal front seat adjustment
  • plus outside rear-view mirrors