1955 Buick
From this bedrock brawn comes the luxury of 


THE FAME of Buick's Million Dollar Ride will very likely reach your ears before you even try it. For with its cushioning comfort, steadiness, and effortless ease of handling, the 1955 Buick ride is matchless master of every road - and the envy of the industry. Shown here are the reasons why this is so -and why, in literal fact, over a million dollars went into bringing this dream ride to reality.

1 New Variable Pitch Dynaflow -for new gas economy and breath-taking acceleration with perfect smoothness 7 Buick Safety Power Steering - available in all Dynaflow-equipped models - does 80% of steering work, when needed
2 Advanced Vertical Valve V8 Engine - light, compact, micro-balanced, with record-high horse-power and compression 8 Improved Power Brakes - available in all Dynaflow-equipped models - now make stops gentler than ever
3 Deep Block and Hi-Poised Engine Mounts-reduce engine vibration to minimum 9 Soft Buoyant Coil Springs - on all 4 wheels cushion every mile
4 New Added Rigidity To Massive X-Braced Frame - through stronger front and rear bumper mountings 10 Solid Torque-Tube Drive - transmits power directly to rear wheels -not through rear springs
5 Front-End Suspension - with vertical shock absorbers, "rides" bumps gently without transmitting shock to car body 11 Stronger Rear Axle - takes the thrust of Buick's increased horsepower with new quietness and smoothness
6 Parallel Steering Linkage - stabilizes car control in cross winds, on flat curves and sharp turns 12 New Tubeless Tires - softer, quieter, longer-lived - standard on all Series

Every Buick chassis is centrally X-braced and welded into what is virtually a single unit, forming the solid foundation of Buick's Million Dollar Ride.