What Air Liners Do in Air, Buick Now Does in Oil

Deep inside Dynaflow Drive is its heart - a turbine-like disc called the "stator."

The "Stator" has twenty blades set at an angle - much the same as airplane propeller blades are set in their hubs.


Each "stator" blade is individually mounted on a crank pin so that the blades can be rotated (the "pitch" changed) as much as 75 degrees.


This means that with Buick's new Variable Pitch Dynaflow you now have two brand-new driving ranges - one range for economical cruising and another range for high performance.


Now, let's see how the new Variable Pitch Dynaflow works in actual driving...

Performance beyond that of any automatic driving you ever tried

Variable Pitch Dynaflow combines an oil-cushioned, velvet smoothness throughout all speed ranges with breath-taking new breakaway.


When you push the accelerator pedal to the floor, instantly, automatically, the propeller-like blades inside Dynaflow's stator change "pitch" - moving you from cruising range to high performance range.


The positive, almost overwhelming rush of power


you now command gives you a safety margin of extra acceleration to handle any emergency.


Take passing, as an example. When you're passing another car on a two-lane highway, it's wise to be in the left-hand lane as briefly as possible. And with Variable Pitch Dynaflow, you'll be around another car and back in your lane in much less time than ever before.


Then, when emergency pickup is no longer needed, you merely ease up on the pedal and Dynaflow's stator blades revert to their economy cruising "pitch" again.

The entire action is absolutely smooth - free of lags, mechanical gear lockups or hesitations of any kind.


Its the Breakaway Sensation of 1955

Under normal driving conditions most Buick owners will get more than ample take-off acceleration with the Dynaflow selector in DRIVE position and without "kicking in" the performance pitch.

But for extra-fast getaway from a standing start- just push the gas pedal down all the way to switch the pitch - and away you go! It operates similarly when you want extra-fast passing acceleration, too.