Identical keys operate all the locks on your Buick. Remove the "Knock-out" number and keep it in a safe place, to be used if your keys are lost or mislaid and duplicates are required. To lock the ignition, turn the key to "lock"; to shut off the ignition but still leave it operative with the key removed, turn the key to "off". The car may then be operated yet the privacy of the glove and trunk compartments retained. 55 Buick keys and locks

Lock the Ignition and the doors of your car when leaving it unattended. Over 75% of the vehicles stolen have been left either with the key in the ignition lock or unlocked.

When the engine is cold, depress the accelerator pedal just far enough to engage the starter. If the engine is warm, hot, or partially flooded, and does not start readily, depress the accelerator pedal to the floor and hold it there until the engine fires regularly. Always, in starting, be sure the shift lever is in "neutral." On Dynaflow Drive cars, starter will not operate unless control lever is in "N" or "P."

CAUTION: It is possible to damage certain parts of the radio if the starter is engaged while the radio is on. As an added precaution, do not attempt tot start the engine unless the radio is off. The radio switch may be turned on after the engine is running.



No "break-in" is necessary for your Buick providing it is not abused. However, longer life and better performance can be obtained by avoiding speeds above 50 miles per hour for the first 500 miles and not above 70 miles per hour for the next 500 miles. In all cases, allow time for the engine to warm up properly after a cold start and do not accelerate more rapidly than necessary.

Observance of these precautions allows gears and other moving parts to wear uniformly. Also, at lower speeds, during this period, the brake surfaces wear in smoothly and equally insuring uniform braking on all four wheels.