55 Buick Cooling System The Buick cooling system is a sealed pressure type which raises the coolant boiling point. There is no need to check coolant level as long as the operating temperature remains normal. Never check level until the engine has been stopped for several minutes. When checking level, always remove cap slowly to be sure the engine has cooled enough to remove the pressure even at normal temperatures.

The system should be drained twice a year. It is important that a rust preventive be added when refilling. Proper coolant level is stamped on the radiator tank as shown - DO NOT FILL ABOVE THIS LINE.

CAUTION - When installing anti-freeze, do not use solutions that contain salt, oils, kerosene, glucose or honey.

The cooling system has been treated at the factory with a special patented stop leak and inhibitor.

If, for any reason, the system is ever completely drained, "Buick Radiator Stop Leak and Cooling System Conditioner," Part No. 981441, should be added for maximum protection.


(Synchro-Mesh Transmission)

There should be 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch "lash" or free movement in the clutch pedal at all times.

Unless some "lash" is maintained the clutch may slip, necessitating replacement of clutch parts due to excessive heat and wear.


The parts of the car that have been chrome plated can best be preserved by frequent washing and waxing. The chlorides now being used by most city and state highway departments for melting ice and snow in winter and laying dust in summer are very harmful to chrome plated parts.