The power operating switch for raising or lowering top is located on lower flange of instrument panel at right of steering column. 55 Buick Convertible power switch
Fig. 1

1. Stop car.

2. Release above windshield.

CAUTION: Before operating power top control button make certain that the top directly above the windshield is raised slightly in order to clear windshield dowels. Close catch.

55 Buick Convertible top
Fig. 2

3. With ignition switch on,  pull control knob away from panel and hold until top is completely lowered. Fig. 1.

4. After top is lowered, raise it slightly by hand and pull the top material and padding out from under the roof bow so that it lays in position shown. Fig. 2.

5. Fold corners of to material as shown in Fig. 3, roll top material up and tuck down into top compartmetn, fasten hold down strap.

6. Tuck in surplus top material at sides and install top boot.


1. Stop car.

2. Remove top boot and unfasten hold down strap.

3. Push top control knob forward and hold until top is fully raised.

4. Draw top down over windshield header dowels and fasten catch to lock top.

55 Buick Convertible top down
Fig. 3

To keep mechanism in good condition the top should be operated at least once a month. CAUTION: DO NOT OPERATE EITHER UP OR DOWN WHILE CAR IS IN MOTION.

If top is to be left folded for any length of time it should be securely strapped down to prevent chafing of top material. Also, boot should be installed to keep top clean and dry.

Wiring for power-operated top, side windows and front seat is protected by a 30 ampere circuit breaker having automatic reset.

CARE OF CONVERTIBLE MODEL TOPS - The ONLY METHOD RECOMMENDED for cleaning convertible top material is the use of lukewarm (not hot) water, and a mild (not caustic) soap. The top should be cleaned carefully from end to end using a medium stiff brush or sponge. Do not saturate at any point. Do not fold top when wet. Frequent brushing with an ordinary upholstery brush or stiff whisk broom is helpful in preventing dust and dirt from imbedding itself in the fabric.

CARE OF PLASTIC BACK WINDOW - To avoid scratches to which the back window is susceptible, use only a soft cotton cloth moistened with tepid (not hot) water and mild (not caustic) soap. Rinse with clear water and dry with a slightly moistened soft, clean cloth. NO OTHER CLEANING METHOD IS RECOMMENDED.