This is an automobile for those of lively spirit and uncommon good sense.

This is an automobile named for its action, famed for its superb ride, and a veritable find in the fine-car field.

For this, you see, is ROADMASTER - custom-built boss car of the most successful line of Buicks in all history. 

It is this very fact that makes ROADMASTER more and more the choice of people who prize worth above pretension - and its easy to see why.

As the cream of a full line of Buicks that have moved into the top circle of America's best sellers, this master Buick begins with the many advantages that have won such huge success - and continues to its own pinnacle. 

So you find that the Buick ride of all-coil-springing and torque-tube stability is here brought to its peak of buoyant levelness and swerve-free stability.

But above all, you find performance to quicken the pulse of even sports-car enthusiasts. 

For here, of course, is the lift and life of Buick's mightiest V8 engine that can pour out, on toe-touch demand, 236 horsepower of silken, silent sweep.

And here, of course, is the most modern transmission yet engineered - Variable Pitch Dynaflow - to bring you such thrills as you've never known before in any earth-bound vehicle.

We suggest you see your Buick dealer this week for a ROADMASTER demonstration. It's a magnificent experience in travel luxury - and rewarding proof that a fine car can be priced without penalty.