Of course there's a fresh, new-day note to its styling, from the gleaming Wide-Screen Grille to the smart sweep of that new tail assembly.

Of course there's new power beneath that graceful bonnet - a new high of 188 hp in the low-price SPECIAL - a new high of 236 hp in the CENTURY, SUPER and ROADMASTER.

But the big thrills go even deepr in these 1955 Buicks.

We took a tip from aeronautics

When we tell you that these eager new Buicks use the modern airplane's principle of "variable pitch" propulsion, we mean that literally.

As any aeronautical engineer will tell you, one of the greatest boons to aviation has been a propeller that uses one "pitch" of its bladees for quick take-off and fast climbing - another "ptitch" of its blades for gas-saving in the cruising range.

And now Buick engineers have applied this pitch-changing principle to the infinite smoothness of  Dynaflow Drive. *

A new sensation in driving

What happens when the little blades of the "stator" - deep inside a Dynaflow Drive - change their pitch like the blades of a plane propeller?

The answer is waiting for you now - in the handsomest, ablest and highest-powered Buicks that ever greeted a new year. So what are you waiting for? Better get behind the wheel of a 1955 Buick - and be up to date on the greatest advance in years.

BUICK Division of General Motors

*Standard on Roadmaster, optional at extra cost in other Series