It takes a long-time Buick owner to really appreciate what tremendously advacnced cars the 1955 Buicks are.

For when you compare these spanking-new beuties with the finest Buicks that could be built two, three, four and five years ago - yo find an almost incredible difference.

The new Variable pitch Dynaflow* of 1955 is one example. In immediate response and in gas-saving mileage, it is as far advanced over earlier Dynaflows as the first Dynaflow was advanced over manual transmissions.

Power is another example. The great strides made in the Buick engines of the past years result in the spectacular horsepower boost you get in all 1955 Buicks. And you get as much as 4.8 more miles per gallon in these new Buicks than in Buicks of six years ago.

There are many other differences that pinpoint this constant Buick progress.


You find it in the handling, the ride, the visibility, the modorn decors, the quietness of the car's interior. And, most definitely, you find it in the fresh and forward-looking styling that has made Buick the unquestioned trend-setter.

Come in and take the wheel of a new SPECIAL, CENTURY, SUPER or ROADMASTER. That's the only way to know the thrilling pay-off that progresss has brought to Buick for 1955.

*Standard on Roadmaster, optional at extra cost on other Series.
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