55 Buick Super Riviera

You're looking at excitement at rest

Its something you can't miss.

Even as you see it standing at the curb, you can sense the pulse-quickening action this rakish Buick promises.

But nothing seen or heard can full prepare you for the thrill you feel when you press the pedal of this automobile.

For beneath the shimmering grace that is Buick today is a new kind of action from an automatic transmission that brings to earth the principle of the modern plane's variable pitch propeller.

It's Variable Pitch Dynaflow* - with twenty switch-pitch propeller-like blades waiting to work their magic.

In normal driving, these blades stay angled for big gas savings.

But when you need performance plus, you change the angle of the blades by pushing the pedal down.

Instantly - with absolute smoothness - you get a dazzling safety-surge of forward momentum that's thrilling beyond experience.

It's a new kind of excitement on wheels that's sending Buick sales soaring to new best-seller highs.

And it's excitement brought to new peaks by the mightiest V8 horsepowers in all Buick history - and by the sweetest handling ever to grace a Buick.

Come take a turn at the wheel and see for yourself why it's literal fact - Thrill Of The Year Is Buick. Can you drop in this week?

*Dynaflow Drive is standard on Roadmaster, optional at extra cost on other Series.

When better automobiles are built Buick will build them.