Newest Note in Hardtops -
4 Doors and Dynaflow* Dash

In six years, there hasn't been such buzzing excitement about a particular type of car as there is about the one pictured here.

It's the new kind of hardtop that people are taking to like bees to honey.

It's the 4-Door Riviera - and it bids fair to outstrip the tremendous appeal of the first 2-dor hardtop that Buick originated six years ago - and which, to this very day, has outsold all other hardtops, bar none.

You can easily see why the 4-Door Riviera is winning such a rousing reception all across the land.

It's that long-awaited combination of a true hardtop with all the comfort, convenience and extra room of a full-size 4-door sedan.

With windows down, you have a completely unbroken sweep of vision to left or right - no center doorposts to mar the view.

And rear-sear passengers enter or leave through their own separate doors - without disturbing anyone in the front seat.

It's a brand-new concept in body design - built to wholly new structural principles - and sparked for thrills by a brand new kind of performance.

For this is the world's only 4-door hardtop with the spine-tingling action of Variable Pitch Dynaflow...

Where you  switch the pitch - as a pilot does - for bettered gas mileage in normal driving

and cruising - or for instant getaway respons and safety-surge acceleration when you need full power go-ahead split-second quick.

So here you have the last word in body design and the last word in automatic transmissions - both in a brawny automobile that's all Buick, even to the high voltage dazzle of new record-high V8 horsepowers.

Visit your Buick dealer this week for a sampling of the newest excitement in cars - and a look a the eye-opening prices he's quoting.


*Variable Pitch Dynaflow is the only Dynaflow Buick builds today. It is standard on ROADMASTER, optional at extra cost on other Series.

When better automobiles are built Buick will build them