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Laguna Seca Race Lap
55 Buick Special
55 Buick Special
55 Buick Special at Pismo Beach
55 Buick Special
55 Buick Special
55 Buick Special
Hearst Castle
San Juan Batista

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Rugged 4-Speed

The 4L65-E provides Four speed rear-wheel-drive, electronically controlled, automatic overdrive transmission with a torque converter clutch.
     GM Hydramatic has baked even more technology enhancements into the automatic transmission line up with the new 4L65E. This transmission, the latest creation from GM Hydramatic Motorsports, is a four speed, offering all the latest heavy duty components to stand up to the power of the LS6-405 HP Corvette engines. Upgrades like induction hardened turbine input shafts, larger intermediate servo, an additional three-four clutch plate. All go toward accommodating higher engine power output. The 4L65E offers optimized performance, fuel economy and increase durability. This sate-of-the-art transmission features the latest heavy duty components and high tech-electronic controls. The advanced electronics controlling the LS6 engine also manages the 4L65E shift points, providing unparalleled performance and durability, P/N 24221888 also includes the torque converter. (No core charge required on this transmission)

4L65E gear ratios: 1st 3.059, 2nd 1.625, 3rd 1.000, 4th .0696, Reverse 2.294.
Engine Range: 6.0L (M32)
Maximum Shift Speeds: 1-2 5600 rpm (M32), 2-3 5600 rpm (M32), 3-4 5600 rpm (M32)
Maximum Engine Torque:
380 lb-ft (M32)
Maximum Gearbox Torque: 670 lb-ft (M32)
Converter Size: 300mm (M32) (reference), Diameter of torque converter turbine.
Fluid Capacity (Approximate):
10.8L (11.4 qt) (with 300 mm converter)
Case Material:
Die Cast Aluminum

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