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Laguna Seca Race Lap
55 Buick Special
55 Buick Special
55 Buick Special at Pismo Beach
55 Buick Special
55 Buick Special
55 Buick Special
Hearst Castle
San Juan Batista

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Power Windows

Let the air flow

This car originally had four manual window cranks. It was a real effort to crank all windows up or down. Since this car is a Riviera hard top, you really want to cruise with the windows down. There's nothing like the look of a hard top prowling the neighborhood. With the ocean air around here, you want the windows up at night. Now, that we have power windows, we can ensure that the windows are in the proper positions with either a flick of the power switch on each door, the driver side master control, or the key fob. 

All glass in this ride is new - except for the rear window, which - apparently - is priceless. All mechanisms have been rebuilt and all chrome has been re-chromed. 

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Driver Side switch:
Type: 4 Button, 10 Prong Switch
Make: GM 1989-80
Location: Front Left
OE #: 20106270
Brand: Dorman - HELP! - Carded
Dorman #:49243