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Laguna Seca Race Lap
55 Buick Special
55 Buick Special
55 Buick Special at Pismo Beach
55 Buick Special
55 Buick Special
55 Buick Special
Hearst Castle
San Juan Batista

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I encourage you to explore the Build Timeline to get an appreciation for the care and effort that went into creating this beautiful car.



The award-winning paint and body work on this car are exceptional in every way.

Cool Vanilla Special Green

A Two-tone car deserves two very special colors. The white is the slick white you see on 2005 Chrysler 300's and Magnums. It is called cool vanilla. And... it is very, very, cool. The green is a House of Kolor's candy that can dazzle your eyes and mind. Do not stare directly at it for extended periods of time. You may never return. This color selection combines in a statement that falls somewhere between "Look at me!" and "Hang Loose!".

Naked Car 15aug03
20may2005 5
09 190
Emilio at Evil Wheels Paint & Body in Santa Cruz did the award winning paint on The Buick.