Power brakes operate in the same manner as conventional Buick hydraulic brakes, except that about a third of the effort required to apply the brakes is furnished by the power cylinder. In addition to the reduced effort required, the travel of the brake pedal is reduced by about one third.

The source of power to operate power brakes is furnished by  the normal vacuum which is present in the intake manifold of the engine. A vacuum reservoir is provided in the pipe line from the power cylinder to the engine manifold. This tank insures instant response of the power cylinder when the brake pedal is depressed and also stores sufficient vacuum for 2 or 3 power stops after the engine stops.

After the supply of vacuum in the reservoir has been expended, the brakes will function unassisted by power but will require higher pressure of the foot on the pedal.


(1) Set parking brake, remove hub cap, and loosen wheel bolts.

(2) Place jack directly back of rear wheel in line with bumper bolt head with jack arm hooked in notch in bracket on inside of bumper and raise car until tire clears ground.

55 Buick Jack operation rear

(1) Set parking brake and remove hub cap.

(2) Loosen all wheels bolts. (3) place jack just outside bumper guard under lower rail in hole provided

55 Buick Jack operation front

INSTRUCTIONS TO OPERATE DOUBLE ACTION "V" SECTION CAR JACK TO RAISE CAR - With trip lever on side of housing in a horizontal position, and a firm grip on the jack handle, press down or lift up slowly the full travel of the handle. As the ratchet or pawl releases from the rack bar, a distinct click can be heard. Continue the up and down movement of jack handle until car is raised to height desired.
TO LOWER CAR- The trip lever should be in the down or vertical position. To lower the car, operate the jack handle the same as for raising the car.

With the trip lever in the horizontal position, the jack will raise the car with a downward movement of jack handle. There is no load on the jack handle during the upward movement of the handle.