The Buick hood is a conventional front-opening, spring counterbalanced hood of the so-called "alligator" type.

The hood latch is controlled from the front of the car by a lift lever located between the radiator grille and the radiator grille header bar. To open the hood, locate the lever by placing the fingers under the header bar, slightly to the right of center. Lift or push upward firmly and the hood latch will release the hood so that the fingers may be placed between the top of the header bar and bottom flange of the hood. To lift the hood place fingers between the header and hood at the center and locate the safety latch. Pull forward as far as possible and then raise hood by lifting upward. The hinge design makes it advantageous to pull forward as well as upward for easy raising of hood.


55 Buick Hood Operation
To close the hood, lower it to a near-closed position, then push firmly downward until the latch is fully engaged and the hood cannot be raised even slightly. If not properly locked, the hood will remain partly opened held only by the safety latch.
To operate the turn signals, the ignition switch must first be turned on. The switch lever on the left of the steering column should then be pushed up for a right turn and down for a left turn. This action causes the front lamp and stop light mounted at the extremity of the rear fender to flash on that side of the car in which direction the turn is to be made. If stop lights are applied at the same time a turn is indicated, the opposite stop light will remain solid.

Verification of proper functioning of both front an drear lamps is indicated by a flashing of one of the illuminated green arrows, located at the ends of the speedometer on Series 50 and 70 cars and to the right or left of the light indicator emblem, located between the two instruments on Series 40-60.

If the arrow does not light and flash, after movement of the turn signal lever, it indicates that the signal system is not functioning properly and should be checked for burned out bulbs in either front or rear signal lamps or the bulb which illuminates the green arrows.

Always indicate a turn at a reasonable distance before making the turn.