SELECTION - Engine crankcase oils have a definite effect on ease of starting, oil economy, combustion chamber deposits and engine wear. In selecting a specific brand of oil it is essential to consider the reputation of the refiner or marketer. See Page 22 for detailed information on selection of engine crankcase oils.

MAINTAINING PROPER OIL LEVEL - The oil gauge rod is marked with one quart and two quart lines to indicate the amount of oil which must be added to maintain proper level. DO NOT OVERFILL. It is desirable that between changes the same brand of oil be used for additions. See Page 22 for detailed information on crankcase oils.

As in your selection of motor oil, it is desirable to choose gasoline from a reputable refiner.

The 1955 Buick engines have been built to efficiently utilize the high octane characteristics of todays' fuels. The 40 series equipped with synchromesh transmission is designed to use Regular fuel. All other Buick engines are designed to use high octane premium gasoline

55 Buick Fuel
Washer is operated by pressing and holding, for a few seconds, the small button on the center of the windshield wiper knob on Series 50 and 70 cars, and by pressing the wiper knob on Series 40-60 cars. Release button, start wiper arms by turning control knob to "ON." Washer will operate for several seconds before shutting off automatically.

Keep the glass jar filled with water. In freezing weather use Buick windshield washer solvent part No. 980807. do not use water containing alcohol or other anti-freeze as it will damage car finish.