Headlights, parking lights, instrument lights, and map lights are controlled from a single four-way switch marked "LIGHTS" located at the left of the instrument panel. There are two "out" positions in the switch obtained by pulling the knob. The first step turns on the parking lights and tail lights, and the second step controls the headlights with the tail lights remaining on. Instrument lights and map lights may be turned on in either step by simply turning the knob. In the extreme left position, both instrument and map lights are "off." By turning the know to the right one step the map lights are "on." The next step to the right illuminates the instrument panel. 55 Buick Light control knob

Continued tuning to the right diminishes the intensity of the instrument panel lights. All lights may be turned "off" by simply pushing the control knob all the way in. It is not necessary to turn the know in either direction before pushing in the knob. When pulled out again, instrument or map lights will be illuminated as previously.

The lower and upper beams of the headlights are controlled for city and country driving by  a foot-operated switch located on the car floor adjacent to the position of the left foot. When the upper beam is in use,  a small red light is illuminated on the speedometer just to the right of the trip mileage on Series 50-70 cars and in the center of the turn indicator emblem between the two instrument clusters on Series 40-60.

Vacuum-operated wipers are used for cleaning a large vision area on windshield glasses. Roadmaster Series cars are equipped with two-range Cam-o-matic wipers with a super-speed range. Adjustable speed control (Special-Century-Super) is had by turning a knob located on lower edge of instrument panel at left of steering column. Fig. A.

On Roadmasters super-speed operation can be used in heavy downpours or faster car operation when greater rain accumulation is encountered. Operating instructions for the two-range wiper is shown in Figure B.

55 Buick wiper control
Fig. A

55 Buick wiper control

55 Buick wiper control 55 Buick wiper control 55 Buick wiper control
For Wiper Super-Speed, Move Both Wings to Full "ON" Position. For Full Panoramic Wipe, Move Upper Wing Only. "OFF" Position.