55 Buick Serial number plate There are two numbers which identify your car. They are recorded by License Bureau of the state in which your car is licensed.
Serial Number - All Series

The serial number is located on a plate affixed to the left front pillar post below the belt molding line and is visible by opening the left front door.

55 Buick Engine number

Engine Number

The engine number is located on the outside of the left bank of cylinders on an extension of the top face of the block, halfway back.

The 264 engines are further identified by a cast groove approximately 1/8" wide on the side of the extension which was provided for stamping the serial number.

CAUTION - Electric storage batteries give off highly inflammable hydrogen gas when charging and continue to do so for some time after receiving a steady charge.

Under no condition should an electric spark or an open flame be allowed near the battery, particularly in the vicinity of the vent caps.

55 Buick Battery
Batteries in all series are 12-volt.

Before doing any work around a battery a metallic contact between the car bumper and the ground should be made to remove the possibility of a static charge causing a spark in the vicinity of the battery. A long metal bar of a metal chain of sufficient length will accomplish this.