To reset clock, pull knob "A" at top of clock out and turn in desired direction.

To regulate the clock for more accurate timekeeping, place small screwdriver of similar tool in slot in small knob "B" behind the reset knob and turn toward "F" if clock is running slow, or toward "S" if clock is running fast. It is advisable to move the regulator only one division or graduation at a time. By following this procedure your clock may be regulated to keep exceptionally close time

55 Buick Electric Clock

FAILURE OF CLOCK TO RUN - IMPORTANT - The electric clock requires special attention when reconnecting a battery that has been disconnected for any reason, a clock that has been disconnected, or when replacing a blown fuse. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE INITIAL WIND BE FULLY MADE.

To be certain of this, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure that all other instruments and lights are off.
  2. Connect one terminal of the battery first.

Before permanently connecting the other cable, touch the terminal to its post on the battery. Immediately afterward strike the terminal again to see if there is a spark. If there is, allow the clock to run down until it stops ticking and repeat as above until there is no spark. Then immediately make the permanent connection before the clock can again run down. The clock will run down in approximately 2 minutes.

The above procedure should also be followed when reconnecting the clock after connections have been removed, or when replacing a blown fuse. Be sure to disconnect the battery cable before installing new fuse.

Failure of clock to run may be caused by an of the following:

Blown fuse - discharged battery - corroded battery terminals - wire improperly connected to light switch, fuse block or terminal connection to back of clock - or defective clock.

In replacing fuse, use only 2-ampere AGA fuse on all Series.