1955 Buick roadmaster
It makes good sense, if you like the finer things in life, to go looking where the cream lies thickest.
In motoring, tht means a meeting with ROADMASTER - and for a very sound reason.  This top-of-the-line of Buicks is an all history - with sales now soaring to an all-time best-seller high.
That brings to the buyer of a ROADMASTER many things not to be had in other fine cars of similar stature.
For the addvantages that are bringing such soaring success to all Buicks are merely the beginnings of ROADMASTER.
Here, the great Buick ride of all-coil springing is made measurably better by larger tires, by bigger brakes, by special cushioning in the car's interior. Here, exclusive fabrics and finish are fully in keeping with the custom production status of this luxurious automobile.
And here, as you would expect, is a long list of items provided as standard equipment at no extra cost - including Buicks's much-wanted Safety Power Steering.
But this year, the move to ROADMASTER is a smarter move than ever in the fine-car field - because here you get the most modern automatic transmission yet developed.
It is the new Variable Pitch Dynaflow - smooth to the absolute - improved in gasoline mileage - thrilling beyond all previous experience when you call for action. And it is given life by the highest horse-power ever placed in a Buick.
So may we suggest that you look into ROADMASTER - just for the fun and satisfaction it can bring you? Your Buick dealer will gladly arrange matters - and show you the sensible price that Buick's volume production permits for this custom-built automobile.