It's the build-up that gets you


Sure, it's a picture of stunning style and sweeping grace.

And when you guide this 1955 Buick along a city street, it's docile and easy-going as you want it to be.

But out on the open road- when the place is right and the time is ripe- you can call on a power buildup like no earth-bound vehicle could ever deliver before.

Today's Dynaflow Drive* is what does it - with a leaf taken from the modern airplane's variablel pitch propeller. 

You use on pitch of the blades inside the Dynaflow unit for new gas-saving economy in your normal driving and cruising. You switch the pitch for spectacular performance 

merely by pressing the gas pedal beyond the point of full throttle.

Instantly, irresistibly, off you go in a sudden build-up of infinitely smooth power delivery - with solid new getaway, or an electrifying new safety-surge for instant acceleration when you need it - a response thrilling beyond words, and boosted by the might of record-high horsepowers.

Drop in on your Buick dealer and try a new Buick - the 236-hp ROADMASTER, SUPER or CENTURY - or the 188-hp SPECIAL. It's the only way to know what superb excitement - and great buys - these new automobiles really are.


*Standard on Roadmaster, optional at extra cost on other Series.

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when better automobiles are built buick will build them